"Beach Plz" - A Collaboration with Veldskoen™ – Boudoir Box

"Beach Plz" - A Collaboration with Veldskoen™

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It´s so funny how things come together sometimes. Like who knew we would still be alive today let alone connecting with amazing entrepreneurs with dope product offerings.

One such company was Veldskoen™, whom we ran into by chance at Rise Cape Town at the Woodstock Exchange. (Side note: Rise is a global co-working space with a hub in right here in the Mother City. It is home to some of the most innovative companies I've seen so far and definitely a conduit for some great collaborations.)

Ok so back to Veldskoen™. I have to say, when I heard they were open to doing a collab with our lingerie and their shoes, I was pretty stumped as to how this would flow. I mean, where´s the aesthetic in pairing lace panties with a veldskoen? 

I have been wanting to introduce Loyde Triana´s bikinis for a while now and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. The vibrant colours and exclusive unique prints could potentially create a synergy with the veldskoen that even we could not imagine. 

boudoir box and veldskoen shoes

(I was right :D)


What a day! We decided that the best way to tie the two brands together would be to have a location shoot at Maiden´s Cove, just below the slopes of Signal Hill. That way we could showcase our poppin' swimwear whilst simultaneously directing the eye to the versatility of the veldskoen. Who knew this would actually work. What an explosion of colour! What a beautiful display of people from different walks of life, coming together to create magic!

veldskoen shoes

At Boudoir Box, we thrive on working together with folks who can see the bigger picture. Who understand the complexities of a start-up and strive to bring an enthusiastic energy into everything they do, no matter with who.

That being said, our collaboration did not begin and end with Veldskoen™. We are so honoured to find models like Miss Ashleigh Ball who has been a long time fan and jumped at the opportunity to work together. Her professionalism and natural grace has left a mark on our humble shindig and we are thrilled to add another friend to the Box.

boudoir box swimwear

Ashleigh Ball


So once we had Ashleigh onboard I seriously struggled to find more folks who would be keen to show off some skin for us and who would fit the look I was going for. I was desperate fam, so I ended up with a post on my personal Facebook account, asking my friends to help me out. Low and behold! Out pops Miss Yonela Shaupp. I was so shocked as I had no idea my friend would model for us. She has never modelled before and yet exuded such natural skill and confidence behind the camera. Needless to say, she changed my perspective on accountants forever! Thank you, Yonela! This is what friends are for!

boudoir box swimwear

Yonela Schaupp


I would be remiss if I didn't thank our last addition to the team, Miss Lisa Robertson. I remember texting her two days before the shoot begging her to model with us. I must have some serious goodwill going on in the universe because she said yes! Just another girl next door, doing her thing in the art world and lending a helping hand to those who need it. Thanks, Lisa!

boudoir box swimwear veldskoen shoes

Lisa Robertson


That really is what we are about and it really warms my heart when we meet other entrepreneurs who give the same energy. Collaboration, communication and forward thinking are some of the key tenets of being successful and I am happy to say that this campaign showcases our ethos perfectly. 

boudoir box veldskoen

Thank you to Veldskoen™, Loyde Triana, Radz Photography and our models for making a vision come alive. 

I think this shoot is definitely one of my faves for 2018.


  • Ashleigh Ball on

    Boudoirbox has blown my mind with their passion for making women of all sizes (literally) look and feel amazing ❤️ so proud to be apart of this family

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