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Take back the streets, take back the power.

Tarryn Abrahams


How many times have you felt belittled and berated or overwhelmed and overlooked? How many times have you felt like your humanity was being stripped from you just because you were of a certain race, class, gender, size or ability? How many times have you felt like you could fight back…?

Women´s March, 2018

You are invited to join us in taking our power back and demanding #RespectInTheStreets. We do not accept that people who look differently to the status quo of toxic masculinity are constantly having their agency stripped from them. We demand Respect In The Streets. We demand consent. We demand boundaries. We demand basic human rights for all.


We will be initiating a flash mob demonstration for body positivity at Open Streets, a citizen-driven initiative working to change how we use, perceive and experience streets.
What we would like to see happen is once we create a call to action, all demonstrators would emerge from the crowd and gather at a point (TBA). We would march from the top of Bree Street, around Bacon on Bree and end off at La Parada.

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27 Jan 2019


11am Sharp!

What we need from you:

  • Mardi Gras inspired mask
  • Wear what you feel most comfortable in but if you’re feeling particularly brave, do wear BBox underwear. 
  • Create a banner or placard with a phrase or words that you live by relating to positivity for humanity 
  • Sharing with friends and family and extended network.

This is a spur of the moment campaign, therefore the quicker you can spread the word, the quicker we can rally folks together. We are so excited about what this can do for our community on a domestic level and hopefully we can continue to inspire people globally as well.

Women´s March, 2018

Join the Movement at #RespectInTheStreets on Facebook

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